Welcome, I hope you enjoy Our family as much as i do...

Welcome, I hope you enjoy Our family as much as i do...Feel free to Look around..
"Everyday is a New Day.. Let us rejoice and Be Glad in It.. "
Our life may not be easy but its our life and we do the best we can to Live, Laugh and Love the Life God has Blessed us with.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Condiments i love..To Make..

     well i just got done making hot mustard.. o is it tasty... this is a recipie i got from an old client when i was a caregiver.. it is real easy . i used 2 cans of the Colman's mustard.. 2oz and 2 Mustard Powder( used in Chinese cooking.) 2Cups of Apple Cider Vinegar.. mix then put in fridge over night.then cook on low and add in the 2 cup of sugar and 4 eggs together.. stir constantly till thick. then remove from heat.. continue stirring till it stops steaming. Pour in small jars and keep refrigerated. this mix filled 4 jars and i also put the remainder in a mustard bottle.

I used the chinese along with the colmans cause i love hot mustard.. but you can use just the colmans and it wont be hot. For best results.. do late afternoon to put in fridge.. I did it once in the morning and the next day made up the mustard.. it turned out spicy. Longer it sits hotter it get i assume..


How to Make Slow-Cooker Ketchup

  • Got this one from.. simplebites this recipe turned out so yummy

Ketchup in the crockpot

Ketchup canned

I have found a recipe for ketchup i like.. Praise God.. He is good all the time.
Here i have ready to go in the freezer Herbs for Italian dressing. Next I will put in Olive oil and freeze it.   When frozen.. add it to a zip lock bag. When ready to use all u do is take out a cube or two and add the vinegar for oil and vinegar dressing.

Freezing herbs with oil for ready to be used straight from the freezer. Original idea came from...thegardenerseden ....

Preserving the Harvest: Fresh-Frozen Herbs in Oil, Butter, Broth or Water…


Can't wait to try these.

Laundry DIY.. These work for us

Here below are the are the laundry soap, dryer sheet, stain remover and oxy clean recipes i have found that work for my family. They have even saved us $$.. Gotta love it.. My kids even help put it all together.. Better yet is it all is non toxic.. and Go-Green type of stuff. I certainly don't want to go back to store bought stuff.

Canning Pickled Carrots 7-30-12

This was a fun and new experience.. The carrots also smell good. A friend gave us a bunch of carrots.. What am i gonna do with five  2 pound bags of Baby Carrots.. I got on my favorite site.. Pinterest and Looked for canning carrots.. Most canning carrots have to do with a pressure cooker to can them.. well i don't have one of those. I kept looking.. Finally i found one where i use hot water bath.. Yayy.. This made my day.. Gotta love Pinterest. I know i do.
Here is the link for my new favorite carrot Recipe.. Craving Greens

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Rod Iron Bench Project 7-13-12

I had gotten the rod iron frame from a yard sale for the relay for life and the wood was stuff we had laying around. We have been waiting on doing the bench.. We had a different plans than what i did here. I'm proud of the work the kids and i did. We did this when Jim was at work. He came home to me Finishing up the last few cuts.

Small bathroom shelf 7-29-12

Today has been a Blessed Day. Here is our First Project of the day..
   The sides I have had from a yard sale months ago.. then i used wood  we had around the house. Loving power tools lately.. They are handy to have around. Hahaha but then so is my Husband Jim.

Outside Bench/Tray Project 7-29-12

Ok so today was a wonderful sunday.. family day.. building and having fun.. teamwork.. etc.I wanted a bench for the outside.. and i wanted a tray.. Well my wonderful husband was sweet and built my bench. I believe he has truely been missing working with wood. It was nice watching him work with wood. I proceeded to build my tray.. I was thinking i'd make it long enough to go on the outside table. lol. Funny thing is i made it way huge. So we put our minds together and came up with something cool. Well i love it anyway. Here are pictures of my project and Jim's project.. then The 2 combined.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Daddy and Joey building a mini house 7-15-12

My Wonderful husband who was a carpenter for 12 year who is now building steel building instead of wooden homes. He has been working with steel for 9 months. I think he missed working with wood.  Cause here he is helping Joey build a lil mini house. it was cute to watch. 

Chicken Coop Rebuild 7/2012

A few years( maybe 4) ago we had chickens that we given to us.. They we given by a friend and my Wonderful Husband and i stayed up late, snow, rain, and cold to build them a home.. We started with 4 chickens and by the end (3 years later)we had a total of 18. Boy was it fun.. Our Dog named Happy .. even loved them..Well... We had to move and give the chickens to another set of friends.. I Loved having our chickens... they were apart of our family.. A year later.. Well we are now able to have them again.. The same friend that we gave the chickens too had a total of 6 and were wanting to get rid of them.. well now we have 6 Beautiful hens.. Our friends had a small rundown coop that needed some TLC..  My hardworking kids wanted to help.. we reinforced the hen house, gave new legs and even extended the coop it self with lattice. The lattice has made a difference.. much cooler for the chickens..

Our hen den with new legs
Joey helping with the hen den. What a good helper

Canning.. Apple Butter 7-2012

This is the best AppleButter I have ever had.. Here is the original recipe.... Changing My Destiny

Tons of Little Apples to be washed, cored and cut in 1/4 pieces..

July 4th, 2012

A Nice and Quiet July Fourth... Right... Nope not at our house.. Had friends and Our family.. What a Blessed Day.. Loved every Moment of it..

 So the kids and i decorated for the fourth. We took streamers all around.. even decorated the table in the house and made goody bags. We had friends over

Pinterest Recreations

So i Love Pinterest... so much I've told my Hubby im having an affair with it.. lol My hubby Jim Laughs at me.. I've told him.. "well babe, i have well over 9500 repins!"..
So as a challenge.. I've adopted from one of my cousins... whom also has a blog... As i do things i have repinned.. ill take a picture and post it here... i have a few i have already done..  For some reason i'm unable to put a few of the original ideas that i've got to my blog page.. im still learning...

                                 I am assuming this is a Martha Stewart pic but...
Then here is mine in progress till its done...
 The gord itself.. Its so Pretty... I drew 3 holes on the sides then cut them out with a knife...

 Then painted it Green.. added a bit of Metallic we had.. Put holes at the top to hang it. it was fast and easy..

here is the end product.

Now is the Dry Erase Board 
Made from a frame and i even used fabric under the glass.. Though i did not use it for the Menu.. Just a white board.. i make list's on it for everything.
All i did was got a frame for an 8x10 we had around the house and spray painted it white. Then i put a piece of fabric in between the glass and the backing. I use a rag or papertowel to wife it right off. most of the time i even keep a washcloth behind it so its there to wipe off. 

I had made one of these for my Hubby's friends Wedding gift.. but i got a piece of paper that had a decoration on it... and printed their last name and est(date) on it.. I even added Markers.. lol I provided them with a white sheet of paper, and 2 sheets that had different designs.. all with their Last name.. 

Now is the Drying Rack.
Original Idea came from.... thecrimsonowl
 Mine is a lil bit different than the one i found on Pinterest.I was gonna make it with 3 frames but one of the frames decided it didn't want to work with me. Plus i got one long 10ft chain and cut it to the dementions i needed and i screwed the chain to the sides.. via my dear wonderful hubby's idea.. I also used the aluminum screening.. 


Lip Gloss
This was another wonderful find and fun for the kids that i found on pinterest.. I am unable to find where i found it.. we even use it all the time.. more then when i used chap stick or store bought Lip Gloss.  It was very easy.. All it takes is containers vasoline and i used powder eye shadow... o i also used the gel capsule of vit E. 

Glass art  
   This was fun.. 2 candle stick holders, medium size glass plate and a candy dish bowl..I glued them togther with Gorilla Glue.. waited a day then I spray painted it white..

Painted Jars.. Original Idea came from.. wipkits
Here are 3 jars that i painted green.. just by adding paint into the jar then my kids rolled the jar slowly to let the paint run down.. 

From Dresser to Island in the Kitchen.. 
Now here is one of my Favorites....
Here is the original dresser i found at a thriftstore.. it needs some major Tlc... 

Here my son is helping me take off the stickers then we start sanding...filling in the holes..

repainting and staining...

Finished island.. we even painted the back so when it faces people its not ugly. This over all we have done so far is far my Favorite..

Mud Scrub: DIY

 Original idea came from.. .kristanlynn
I use this all the time.. i feels good and leaves my skin feeling soft.

I just took this picture today.. it was full.  My teen girls even love to use it.