Welcome, I hope you enjoy Our family as much as i do...

Welcome, I hope you enjoy Our family as much as i do...Feel free to Look around..
"Everyday is a New Day.. Let us rejoice and Be Glad in It.. "
Our life may not be easy but its our life and we do the best we can to Live, Laugh and Love the Life God has Blessed us with.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Ways of labeling in the garden

Here I will have posted different ways of labeling what is in the garden..
We have taken medium-sized rocks, nail polish and even a sharpie..
Paint inside of the rock was nail polish and let dry. Use a sharpie to write the name of the fruit or vegetable that the rock is marking.

Take a dark color nail polish light-colored rocks and use the nail polish to write the names on the rocks.

That is just one way we are labeling our produce this year..

Here they are at the beginning of a row

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Gardening the green way.. What can we Repurpose???

Like many families out there today, life is not easy and we want to find ways of being able to garden the cheap way...

I will follow up with different ways that I have been gardening reusing cereal boxes, the plastic pieces that plants come in at nurseries,milk cartons, flat egg carton pieces and many more...
One can repurpose pretty much everything that comes into the house. I know we do.
Repurpose to plant holder from nursery -

 For the container that little plants come in at the nurseries that have the holes at the bottom,
 we just simply took a cereal box made circles that would fit inside by tracing a small paint can..
 We trace the paint cans and made as many circles as possible that would fit on the cereal box.
 Then we cut the circles out to put them in the bottom of the little planters.
Then fill with soil put a seed in and you have more pots to plant in.

Milk jug- I like to cut in half, put holes on the bottom and then Fill with soil and it makes a little greenhouse.

2 L bottles and even water bottles- There's 3 ways of doing it.
One you can cut the bottles in half or cut the bottom piece to be a bit bigger than the top.. Fill with soil and plant a seed.

Lay the bottle on its side and cut to make an indent on the bottle. Fill with soil and plant seeds.
this is a milk Jug with beets growing
Cut the bottle in half, flip the top around to where it's upside down. You can put a small piece a newspaper..or a small piece of screening or a rock to put at the little opening where the soda comes out. Then put the Top in the bottom piece upside down put soil and then plant.

You know one can even use the plastic to go boxes.... all you have to do is cut the lid off and you have 2 pieces to plant In.

Or ... you can use the plastic containers that salads come in.

5 gallon buckets.. I put between 4 to 5 inch holes along the bottom on the side and then I put soil. I have planted potatoes, bushes( Blueberry boysenberry ) and corn in those.

5gal bucket with potatoe
Do you have any of the is empty soil bags laying around you can use those two. When I used some of mine I would cut it along the side and down the bottom to where it would open out lengthwise, Then I would take one of those big Flats that you get from the nursery and I Would line that with it then put soil and plant seeds.

The paper ice cream containers- I would poke holes at the bottom fill with soil and plant.

What about the plastic kraft macaroni and cheese container the one that you would pop in the microwave to cook the noodles and then add the cheese... I used that just put a couple holes at the bottom add soil and plant in it.

What about the five dozen eggs flats?we reuse the cartons from those. All you do is you add soil and seeds. It drains itself.

the flat egg cartons on the ground 
Not to mention of coarse I would re plant seeds and the containers that we buy plants in. You know the plastic ones.

Please if you have any other ideas.. Done be shy and please SHare...

The Lady Hens.. An oatmeal treat

On cold days I like to give my ladies retreat. I know they love getting scraps which we feed them but I heard flaxseed and garlic a very good for them as well. So on cold days I make them a bowl of oatmeal. i add flaxseed garlic sometimes, parsley sometimes, chive sometimes basil. You know herbs are good for them too..
1 cup to 2 cup Oatmeal cooked
1 tsp Flaxseed..
1 tsp chopped garlic
Mix and give to the ladies.. They love it. I know mine do.

What to do with Breakfast sausage mash potatoes and saltines.

Do you have mashed potatoes? Do you have breakfast sausage? Do you have a few eggs sitting around? Don't know what to make... guess what we have a yummy treat for you.
For supper last nite the kids and I went to a friends house to hang out. We took over Breakfast Sausage and green beans. I get to my friends house and said "this is what we have.. we can make something." So we put our heads together and she had a few eggs, mashed potatoes and some shredded cheese in the fridge. Not to mention saltines in the cabinet.

1 package Breakfast sausage
2 Packages of saltine crackers
5 eggs
1 Cup of grated cheese
1 1/2 Cup of mashed potatoes already cooked.

Cook up the Sausage like ground beef. Let cool then mix all the ingredients together and form patties. Bake in oven at 400° for 30 minutes. Serve with veggies.. We had the green beans.
I'm sure these would taste great with a gravy or a cheese sauce over them..
These were good. The kids loved them. It was pretty fast and easy..

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Yarn Necklaces and paint flowers.. 3/9/13

So this weekend has been a wonderful and blessed weekend. I got to have my nieces up for the weekend.. they got play in the snow... Yes it snowed here... We got about 4-6 inches..
Here is my son playing with my nieces..
Now you see.. my nieces are ages 5 and 3.. aww what a blessing they are.. let me tell you.. they soak everything up.. i miss this stage.. lol my kids are great with them.. 

Well anyway.. so i wanted something for them to do that they could take home..so i went to the famous pinterest.. here is what i found.first is ..mothers-day-hand-print-foot-print.

Felicity painting Heather's foot
Felicity putting footprint on paper
Destiny and Haleigh

Lets say the kids all had fun..then below we have the kids making necklaces out of straws and yarn.. Straw necklaces... sanity saving
Things we used: 
yarn needle
straws cut

we have the kids feeding the straws on the needles
 here is Heather.. Bless her heart..

Joey even got in on it making bracelets for the girls..

Who ever said that blood is thicker than water.??? In our case that is not it.. God has brought Sarah (a friend for about 12 years) in and out of our lives.. These are her girls above. Sarah and i have been a Blessing to each other over the years.. The Lord always seems to know when we need each other and not. I thank God for bringing Sarah in my life years ago. She is the closest thing to a sister i can have. 

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Recycle.. Upcycle Canning Lids and Rings..Door Bells.

Do you have a few to a ton of lids or ring from canning?? A friend of mine and i sure do. We don't really wanna just toss them in the trash and waste them.. so we started looking for ideas to reuse or recycle the rings and lids.. did not see many at all. so we had to be creative..  Want to know what we cam up with??? I can't wait to show you.. Its super easy..
all you need is ... (Drum Roll Please) Fabric, rings, Lids, Glue gun, Glue sticks, yarn or ribbon, bells(Jingle Bells), Old Christmas Cards.. Pictures.. Anything will work.. And patience..

                                        Here we have Canning lids and rings.. along with fabric..
                                                         Then cut the fabric
                                                Here we have a Hot Glue gun and Glue sticks
                                           Place the lids where you want them.. in the center of the
                                                        fabric.. and get ready to glue...
                                      Gather the fabric one piece at a time and fold it towards
                                        the middle and glue it to the lid until you get the fabric
                                                       Glued all the way around the lid..

                                   Here i used a Christmas Card and used the lid as a Template.
                                        I Put the lid where i wanted it and Traced around the lid..
                                                            Then i cut the Circles out..

                                   Glue the Circles to the side of the lid where the fabric gathers..

                                           I popped the lid into the ring after i tied the Yarn to it..                                                                        
                                          Then i have the main ring..( that goes over the door knob)
                                             Then i repeated the process to the other two rings.

Can not forget the bells
                                             Here we have the Main ring for the Door Knob
                                                     and the Other Rings getting finished
Here is them laying on the floor all done..

                                                         Here they are hanging on the door..

 Ok.. So here is the end product.. Next time.. i'll try ribbon instead of yarn.. Maybe even put yarn around the rings.. I had fun doing this.. gonna see about making more.. Its fun and easy.. My kids will be doing some with me next.. lol