Welcome, I hope you enjoy Our family as much as i do...

Welcome, I hope you enjoy Our family as much as i do...Feel free to Look around..
"Everyday is a New Day.. Let us rejoice and Be Glad in It.. "
Our life may not be easy but its our life and we do the best we can to Live, Laugh and Love the Life God has Blessed us with.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Todays lesson...Aug 24,2012

Today I have learned a valuable lesson from one of the students I cross everyday for the past 3 yrs.. Today I decided to start talking with him and have a conversation. I asked his name. You know what he said to me?!" After 3 years... " Is all he said. I couldn't believe he remembers it been 3 yrs. He just stood and looked at me.. I was stumped. All I could say to him was..." This is only part time and I was under the assumption that my boss who normally has this spot would be back. So I have just stayed distant. " that's all I could say. And for that I'm sorry. I've always said hi to all the kids and made short talk. Very short.. Cause when things are temporary I try not to get to friendly or knowing names unless I need to.
Now all I can do I pray to God to help me change that. Know now matter how temporary something may seem its important to always have that Christian heart and to be less reserved.. More open.. Friendly... And well caring. Do Not Judge Or Add Do Not Assume.!!

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