Welcome, I hope you enjoy Our family as much as i do...

Welcome, I hope you enjoy Our family as much as i do...Feel free to Look around..
"Everyday is a New Day.. Let us rejoice and Be Glad in It.. "
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Canning 9-8012 new recipes we tried...

  I love trying New recipes.. especially canning.. and since i have become addicted to pinterest.. there are so many recipes.. this has been fun because i have been finding recipes for everything.. I loveit when NO food goes to waste.. and for the past few months, between the lady hens, dehydrating, and canning.. next to no food goes to waste.. 

 Here is Tomato Sauce i just throw together.. I cook up the tomatoes in a pot to where the the skin comes off.. i then mix it in my blender..Put it to a pot then i add basil, garlic(fresh or minced.. whichever i have on hand) 1 bell pepper, onion, and 1/4 tsp of salt.. cook up to heat.. then put in jars. i filled till there was 1/2 in to top.. then canned for 45 min.
  In the 2 on the Left, are just plain cooked whole tomatoes that i canned with some water.
  So yesterday 9-8-12 i tried a few new canning recipes.. So far the kids have been loving them.. I a made Mint jelly.. wow that was so easy.. this recipe i will be coping.. i have a recipe in my Ball book for canning Mint Jelly.. but it was not this easy.. it even tastes good. So if you like Mint Jelly.. This is the site to go to..  Mint Jelly and Green pepper Jelly

     Here is another recipe off the same blog.. it was easy to make..Though i added more carrot than cabbage.. we are not big on cabbage in my home.. It was fun though. everyone helped.. kids grated, chopped, mixed.. its funny when kids fight over who is gonna grate the carrots.. only if they fought over who grates the cheese.. right? lol This recipe smells good.. we will be having some today..i love trying new things..here is the recipe link for the pickled-cabbage-slaw. then there is Pickled Carrots.. Here is the link../pickled-dill-carrots

 Now one of my favorite jams to can..strawberry_balsamic_jam. It only looks green because of the lighting..  Ok i have done this one before.. Only because i love it..
 Here they all are in their Groups..
 Soon to come more..

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